Hello, I’m Sondre.

I'm a programmer, developer, architect, writer, speaker and voluntaryist. I work with decentralized systems and my goal is to decentralize everything.

Knowledge is worthless when it's locked down

The foundation of human society is knowledge sharing. I do my best to share my knowledge with the world, through public speaking, writing and open source.

Check out my GitHub account for my open source projects.

What I'm proud of

Developed a Web5 Wallet with support for multiple crypto currencies (including Bitcoin), tokens, identities (DID), NFTs and more.

Developed a user friendly and feature rich Nostr client. Nostr is a simple, open protocol that enables a truly censorship-resistant and global social network.

Co-founded an open source group for developing decentralized software, called Blockcore. It has an active community of core developers delivering new and exciting software for the decentralized web, including atomics swaps and a trustless funding platform on Bitcoin.

Develop the Free City Platform, which is a collection of free and open source software that can be used to run a free city.
Mission Statement

What I'm looking for

My goal is to be able to work full time on open source software, and I'm looking for job opportunities, sponsors and supporters that can help me achieve this goal.

Have many years' experience from Web3 and Web5 development, and I'm looking for opportunities to work with decentralized systems, blockchain, crypto currencies and related technologies.

What I can provide

I'm a hardworking and dedicated individual, with a passion for technology and software development. I have a broad range of experience, and I'm a quick learner. I'm a team player, and I enjoy working with others.

Have a lot of experience with programming, architecture and working with teams. I have a passion for User Experience, ensuring that the software I develop is easy to use and understand. Making it enjoyable to use.

Have experience working remotely and I'm comfortable with working from home or while travelling.

I'm a good communicator, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I have experience with public speaking, and I'm comfortable with speaking in front of large audiences.

My colleagues and friends describe me as someone who brings joy and happiness to the workspace.

What I can do

My extensive work experience has given me a broad range of skills, and I'm comfortable with working with most technologies and programming languages. I'm a quick learner, and I'm always eager to learn new things.

My years of experience contains technology, languages and software that doesn't even exists anymore. What matters most is the ability to adapt and learn new skills. Here is my current list of preferred technologies (languages, software, technology, patterns) that I enjoy working with recently:

JavaScript, TypeScript, Progressive Web Apps, DevOps, DevEx, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Web3, Web5, Nostr, Node.js, Docker, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Kubernetes, MongoDB, RocksDB, Git, GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Azure (Cloud), Tauri, Electron, Cordova.

Work Experience

Å Energi (Agder Energi), Effera, Deepmind, Steria, Capgemini, Kongsberg, Digimaker, Brain, Nesthood, Interweb.

Project Experience

Opdex (decentralized token exchange), Stratis (blockchain platform), Blockcore (decentralized software), Vibb (utilities), DNB (banking), Jernbaneverket (railroad service), Microsoft, Santander Consumer Bank, Statens lånekasse for utdanning, Swire Oilfield Services, Identect Solutions, Grieg Group, Mercedes Benz and more.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for my professional experience.

Voluntary should always be the solution

Society can be organize through voluntary interactions between all humans.

Having the non-aggression-principle as a basis for morality, brings clarity, joy and love to life. Would you considered becoming a voluntaryist?

This is why I started developing Liberstad Norway's first private city, together with my good friend John.

Thanks to my supporters

For individuals and organizations that give me support, I give you gratitude and thanks!


City Chain Foundation, Blockcore, CoinVault, Softchains.


Stian, Emil, John, Dag, Dennis, and anonymous.


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