“Hi, there! I'm a speaker, solution architect, programmer, writer, voluntaryist, and transhumanist.”

Knowledge is worthless when it's locked down.

Public speaking is a great way to share knowledge and I love it!

I have had the opportunity to speak at many different conferences and on different topics.

I love to code and I love to share.

Every line of code I write in my spare time, is shared as open source. My main occupation is consulting within solution architecture and software development. I've been building software for a decade and a half, for customers around the globe.

Voluntary should always be the solution.

Society can be organize through voluntary interactions between all humans. Having the non-aggression-principle as a basis for morality, brings clarity, joy and love to life. Have you considered becoming a voluntaryist?

Transhumanism encapsulates the meaning of being and becoming the future self.

Utilizing technology to improve life and health opens up a world of possibilities in the digital age. It's not enough to passively sit back and wait for technology to improve your life. You need to apply technology in your life on your own, to reap the benefits and reach a better life.