“technology, robotics and morality.”

These are the tree main tree topics I write on, and I do love to write whatever is on my mind. Writing is a great way to clear the mind of ideas and thoughts.

Technology & Robotics.

This is my main technology blog and while some of the older content is now lost in cyberspace, this blog has been published since 2001.

The focus here is a lot on software practices and development, with a mix of technology and robotics thrown into the mix.

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This is one of my blogs in Norwegian where I write mostly on morality, anarchism and voluntaryism.

Currently working on a book based upon a lot of the content from the blog, called "The tyranny of the state" (Statens tyrrani).

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Digital Livsstil

Blog on digital lifestyle, on topics such as privacy, security, digital age and modern living.

This is also written in Norwegian and is written to be more accessible to non-technical readers.

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