“Knowledge is meant to be shared.”

Doing presentations is a great way to share my experience and knowledge. If you would like to book me for a speaking engagement, please email me, post-at-sondreb.com. I do presentations in both Norwegian and English. Have done presentations throughout my career and here are some of my recent content.

From Zero to Hero - Get Social With Facebook

Talk I did at NDC in Oslo on developing against the Facebook APIs.

Apps for Windows Phone 8 Apps in HTML5

Rike klienter i HTML 5

Software 2012 - Onsdag 8. februar 2012 kl 10.55.

Muligheter, Nettverk og Fremtiden

Media og kommunikasjon, videregående skole

Cloud Computing: New Business Opportunities

Introduction to the term Cloud Computing and informative descriptions on it's three main concepts, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. This is a non-technical presentation.

Windows 7 for .NET Developers

Look into the Windows API PowerPack which opens up Windows 7 features for .NET developers.

XNA Game Studio

Introduction to the Game Development Environment for .NET Developers on Xbox 360, Windows and Zune.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

Introduction to the Robotics Development Environment for .NET Developers.

Integrations in the Cloud

Talk on the Windows Azure AppFabric as a mechanism for building integrations between on-premisses and cloud services. Integrate with partners and customers more easily by utilizing the existing infrastructure from Microsoft.

Integrasjoner i nettskyen - shared

Simplify The Solution Architecture

This talk is a non-technical talk that investigates the current state of the software industry. What is the failure and success ratio for software projects? Why are the failures so many and what is the cause of them? What can be done to improve the situation?

MSDN Live 2010 - Solution Architecture

InTheBoks - Organize Your Stuff - Realizing Ideas

This is a talk about a hobby-project I'm working on called InTheBoks. The talk is focused towards the process of realizing ones own ideas and how it's become much simpler to build software and services today, than what it has been in the past.

By relying on the cloud computing paradigm, even small development teams can realize visions of products and ideas in very short timeframes.

Here are some of my older content and talks:

Utviklingsverktøy for robotikk fra Microsoft (Norwegian)

Smart Living Seminar 2008: Consumer Products and Technologies (Norwegian)

Microsoft Application Platform Conference: Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition (Norwegian)

Game Camp: XNA Galore (Norwegian)

The Gathering 2007: XNA Game Studio Express (Norwegian)

MSDN Live: Web Development with Visual Studio 2005 (Norwegian)

NNUG Kristiansand: Service Oriented Architecture (Norwegian)

NNUG Kristiansand: Visual Studio 2008 (Norwegian)

NNUG Kristiansand: WinFX 3.0 (Norwegian)

NNUG Kristiansand: Visual Studio Team System (Norwegian)

NNUG Kristiansand: ASP.NET 2.0 (Norwegian) (Source Code)