“building simple software is hard, making smart software is nearly impossible.”

I believe in the philosophy, less is more. building simple software is a hard task. building smart software is nearly impossible.

While I today can only dream about smart software, I currently focus on simplicity and beauty.

Soon one day, we’ll all make everything smarter. Knowledge is freedom. Software is the manifestation of knowledge. My software is therefore open and free.


InTheBoks is a rich interactive web application that you can use to organize all your stuff, like books, CDs, movies and more. Basically it’s a way to throw everything into a box, for storage and retrieval purposes. It will help you remember which movies, CDs and books you have purchased, which ones you have already read, planning on reading or watching.

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Flickr Downloadr

Photo downloading tool for the Flickr.com photo service. This application will make it easy to download any photo to your local computer. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and optimized for Windows 7. Flickr Downloadr is open source and free, anyone can use it as they see fit.

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Image Cards for Kids

Small game built for the youngest kids (babies). Flips cards which shows photo, name and plays a sound.

Currently available on Windows Phone 8.

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