What’s your Circle of Interest?

Following up some of my great friends, Jonas Follesø, Gøran Hansen and others like Pål Fossmo. Paul Stovell was the guy that started it all. Without any further ado here is my Circle of Interest!


Check some of the links above for explanation on the terms used in this diagram, but I think they are pretty much self-describing. Just a few words of description regarding my core interests:

  • Team System is one of my main work areas and interests, I’ve been using it since the first betas and have built multiple custom add-ins and reports on top of it. It’s a very valuable tool in any software development projects.
  • Robotics has been my passion since I was a kid and the interest and involvement is only getting stronger and growing. If you live in Oslo area, you should check out Forum Technica where I’ll be doing a presentation on Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is something I have followed since it’s early beginning and the hype that followed. It’s a very interesting but also hard topic, a lot of challenges exists today that we need to work out to truly deliver on the ideas behind SOA. Somewhat related to SOA is solution architecture, which I’m involved with at work.
  • Agile project processes and software development is close to my heart, and I have used the Scrum methodology for some years now. Enabling some of the agile tools like TDD (Test Driven Development), CI (continuous integration), CC (Code Coverage) and others is something I always strive for with what I’m building personally, but also in the projects and teams I work with.
  • Home Automation is closely related to my interest in robotics, my goal is to build a futuristic home in a few years time where everything will be automated, intelligent and friendly on the environment.
  • Technology in general is something that fascinates me and I believe it has taken over for the biological evolution that brought us here. The next step in evolution is controlled by us, up until the point where technology on it’s own will continue to evolve far beyond the reaches of human comprehension. One of my favorite authors on technological trends is Ray Kurzweil.
  • Future goes hand-in-hand with technology, but I put this up as a separate interest because the future is more than just technology. I have daily thoughts on what will come and how we’ll live and act in the future. How will the economy be, when will we start living on the Moon and Mars? I’m always excited when I meet people that wants to discuss the future.
  • H+ stands for transhumanism and is synonym for "human enhancement". It’s an international, intellectual and cultural movement that supports use of technology and science to enhance the capabilities of the human body. I’m part of a Norwegian transhumanism group and I try to live my life according the the current state of science on what’s healthy and good for longevity.

So there you have it, my current core interest, which has been stable for some years now and will continue to be my main focus areas. What are yours?

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